Create interactive digital business cards - share in seconds.

IBC Business Cards @AppStore

Interactive business cards app is the way to create free digital business cards in seconds. You can make your own business cards in different data sets and styles and store in your card holder to share anytime, as well as, receive cards from other users and keep them all in your special space in the app called "Card Holder".

Make your customised business card in landscape or portrait mode now and chose your favourite theme and colours that reflects you or your business. So simple, yet so efficient!

It offers you;

- Ready-made templates, multiple designs to choose from

- Interactions by single tap (e.g driving to address on card, make a call, edit, delete or share anytime)

- Add name, title, company, email, website, address and your social media as per your choice

- Contactless share through social media apps while being able to access and interact with all the infos

- 100% dark mode support

- It's free of charge

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